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This blog is dedicated to Truth.

I'm not 100% sure what this means yet, but I think I get at least some sort of fraction of a percent of the main idea.

And it's the most important thing in this dimension and universe.
I've heard a lot of bullshit mumbo jumbo over the years and theories about its nonexistence, but the fact of the matter is that it does exist and it's so much damned simpler than anything we've ever heard.

Truth is Truth. No matter what.

Only Truth is Free

☯Lao-Tzu experienced It☯
☸Buddha talked about It☸
✊Jesus lived It💉

Almost everything you believe you know is the result of environment, past experience, past relationships.

My name is Michael, and I don't know what The Truth is. But I have a fraction.

In my spare time I enjoy heckling the residents of Chicago with a megaphone.

This tumblr blog, like everything in life, is not to be taken seriously, because it's sort of a deception. I can only hope it's not as useless as reading about celebrity nipple slips.

The purpose of your existence is not found observing the existence of others.

This blog was supposed to be a how-to Guide on Revolutionaryism.
Go back to bed, America. The Revolution’s dead.

My philosophy is this: Out of 100 of my beliefs, at least 1 has to be wrong, right?
Everyone keeps telling me their philosophy: "THIS IS THE TRUTH!"
But as it has been said: The Truth is that I do not have The Truth.

ANYONE and everyone reading this has been "brainwashed."
Really, it's just corporate programing. And as soon as you can see the false for the false... you can see that much more Truth.
The lies you tell others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves.

I'm having a love affair with the world.
Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, England, Mexico, China, Taiwan and Israel.
My icon picture.
Those with understanding, let them see.

My icon picture.

Those with understanding, let them see.

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